Dan Langston

Developer | Designer | Artist

About Section

I am often asked, “Why computer science and art?” For me it was an obvious marriage of two of my greatest obsessions. I have always been curious how things work, whether it be taking apart my Star Wars toys as a child or building my own 3D printer as an adult. I am fascinated with the illusion often associated with design, fine art, and media

In a journey of discovery, coding was the next logical step to provide me with an output for my artistic vision. What I was not expecting was along the way another output would arise in the form and function of the code itself. The running program became the illusion produced by the code that created it. I began to thrive for perfection in my code, a perfection that you can feel in creation, the wonder of mathematics, the beauty of physics, the illation of action and reaction.

I am eager to find a position in an energetic, creative, and fast-paced environment that will utilize my diverse experience, leadership and passion in web and software development, while building cutting edge mobile and desktop applications.